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"Cheerleader" by St. Vincent - Buy Now!
"Slow" by Grouplove - Buy Now!
"Suego Faults" by Wolf Gang - Buy Now!
"This Road is Long" by The Lost Patrol - Buy Now!
"Sorry for Party Rocking" by LMFAO - Buy Now!

Find the list of the music featured on every episode of Gossip Girl TV Show.

Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 | Season 5


» Season 1

Episode 1 - "The Pilot" - September 19, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John - Buy Now!
  • "If It's Lovin That You Want" by Rihanna  - Buy Now!
  • "What Goes Around Comes Around" by Justin Timberlake - Buy Now!
  • "Diamond Hipster Boy" by Washington Social Club Diamond
  • "Back To Black" by Amy Winehouse  - Buy Now!
  • "Hang Me Up To Dry" By Cold War Kids  - Buy Now!
  • "Photograph" by Air  - Buy Now! 
  • "Hard To Live In The City" by Albert Hammond Jr. - Buy Now!
  • "The Way I Are" by Timbaland - Buy Now!
  • "Go" By Hanson  - Buy Now!
  • "Don't Matter" by Akon  - Buy Now!
  • "The Gift" by Angels and Airwaves - Buy Now!


Episode 2 - "The Wild Brunch" - September 26, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Hit Me Up" by Gia Farell - Buy Now!
  • "Shut Up And Drive 1" by Rihanna - Buy Now!
  • "When Did Your Heart Go Missing" by Rooney - Buy Now!
  • "Ballad of Gus and Sam" by Ferraby Lionheart - Buy Now!
  • "Tell Me About It" by Joss Stone - Buy Now!
  • "The Queen And I" by Gym Class Heros - Buy Now!
  • "Shut Up And Drive 2" by Rihanna - Buy Now!
  • "Believe" by The Bravery - Buy Now!
Episode 3 - "Poison Ivy" - October 3, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Glamorous" by Constance Billard Choir
  • "I Got It From My Momma" by - Buy Now!
  • "Can't Be Happening" by The Marlows
  • "Raise Your Hand" by The Lights
  • "I feel It All" by Feist - Buy Now!
  • "Dusk Till Dawn" by Ladyhawke
Episode 4 - "Bad News Blair" - October 10, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Moon River" by Henry Mancini - Buy Now!
  • "Make It Bounce" by Invisible Men
  • "The Focus" by X5
  • "Tambourine" by Eve - Buy Now!
  • "Candy Store" by Miss Eighty6
  • "Till The Sun Comes Up" by Miss Eighty6
  • "Until You Can't" by Alana D
  • "Bounce Back" by Miss Eighty 6
  • "Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston - Buy Now!

Episode 5 - "Dare Devil" - October 17, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "There's A Pot Brewin" by Little Ones - Buy Now!
  • "Rockstar LP" by Prima J - Buy Now!
  • "Came To Dance" by Cadence Blaze
  • "Ringing In My Eyes" by Two Hours Traffic
  • "Whine Up" by Kat Deluna - Buy Now!
  • "I'm Doing It Again" by All Wrong & The Plans Change
  • "Mama I'm Coming Home" by Ozzy Osbourne - Buy Now!
  • "Get Ur Party On" by Zooland
Episode 6 - "The Handmaiden's Tale" - October 24, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Kiss Kiss" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • "Guess Who" by Nekta
  • "Take It To The Top" by 5 Alarm
  • "The La La Song" by Sofi J
  • "Nasty Funky Crazy" by Becca Styles
  • "Ring a Ling" by Miss Eighty 6
  • "Timebomb" by Beck
  • "Happy Ending" by Mika
Episode 7 - "Victor, Victrola" - November 7, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "With Me" By Sum 41
  • "Stripper" By Soho Dolls
  • "So The Say" By Classic
  • "Ballad Of An Easy" By David McConnel
  • "Release" By Miss Eighty 6
  • "Second Hand Lovers" John Ralston
  • "Just Love" By Warren
  • "Photograph" By Air
  • "Girl I Told Ya" By Valeria Ft. Aria
  • "Whatever" By Elliot Smith
Episode 8 - "Seventeen Candles" - November 14, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "One Week Of Danger" By The Virgins
  • "Your Birthday" By The Shapes
  • "Love Is Colder Than.." By The Virgins
  • "Rich Girls" By The Virgins
  • "Feathers" By Two Hours Traffic
  • "Nice Buddy" By Puffy Ami Yumi
  • "How We Breathe" By Pinback
  • "Fernando Pando" By The Virgins
  • "Freebird" By CAST
  • "Inside Out" By Miss Eighty 6
  • "How Does It Feel" By Eskimo Joe
  • "Kissing Song" By Dawn Landes - Buy Now!
  • "Radio Christine" By The Virgins
Episode 9 - "Blair Waldorf Must Pie" - November 28, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Promiscuos" By Nelly Furtado
  • "Recurring" By Bonobo
  • "Here It Goes Again" By OK GO
  • "Grand Opening" By Will Dailey
  • "La Ritounelle (Dan Mix) By Sebastian Tellier
  • "Today" By Stick Boy
  • "Nolita Fairytale" By Vanessa Carlton - Buy Now!
Episode 10 - "High Society" - December 5, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Comin' Home Baby" By Mel Torme - Buy Now!
  • "Secret (Piano Version)" By The Pierces
  • "You're a Wolf" By High Society
  • "Pretty Please" By Lissa
  • "What For" By Rooney - Buy Now!
  • "Secret" By The Pierces - Buy Now!
  • "3 wishes" By The Pierces
  • "Apologize" By Timbaland ft. - Buy Now!
Episode 11 - "Roman Holiday" - December 18, 2007 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Santa Baby" By CAST
  • "O Christmas" By The Plush Interiors
  • "Making Good Time" By Two Hours Traffic
  • "Christmas Alphabet" By McGuire Sisters - Buy Now!
  • "Christmaskwanakah" By The Dan Band
  • "Deck The Halls" By The Republic Tigers
  • "The General Specific" By Band of Horses - Buy Now!
  • "All That I Want" By The Weepies - Buy Now!
Episode 12 - "School Lies" - January 3, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Oh Yeah" By Moby
  • "Someone Great" By LCD Soundsystem
  • "Come Flash All..." By The Filthy Youth
  • "Orange" By The Filthy Youth
  • "Breakfast in NYC" By Oppenheimer
  • "Come Home" By One Republic
  • "Cross The River" By La Rocca
Episode 13 - "A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate" - January 10, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW )
  • "Got Ur Number" By Nadia Oh.
  • "The Dark Side Of Indoor Track Meets" By Falling Up.
  • "You'll Change" By Machine Translations.
  • "Where There's Gold" By Dashboard Confessional.
  • "The Air We Breathe" By Figurines.
  • "Goodbye" By Dan Cray Trio.
  • "Happily Never After" By Nicole Scherzinger.
Episode 14 - "The Blair Bitch Project" - April 21, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW )
  • "Moon River" by Henry Mancini.
  • "Eucalyptus" by The Deadly Syndrome.
  • "Feeling Better" by The Teenagers.
  • "Back Seat Taxi" by Silver Moneyl.
  • "Drive Me Crazy" by Miss Eighty 6.
  • "On The Run" by Classic.
  • "Rippin' Up The Disco" by Kylie Minogue.
  • "Sour Cherry" by The Kills.
Episode 15 - "Desperately Seeking Serena" - April 28, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW )
  • "Panic" by Phantom Planet.
  • "Campus" by Vampire Weekend.
  • "Crimewave" by Crystal Castles VS HEALTH.
  • "Nice Sweet Sexy" by Difx Ft. Imperio & Cru.
  • "Elevator" by Flo Rida.
  • "We Started Nothing" by The Ting Tings.
Episode 16 - "All About My Brother" - May 5, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW )
  • "Say (All I need)" by One Republic.
  • "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven.
  • "U.R.A. Fever" by The Kills.
  • "Shut Up Let Me Go" by The Ting Tings.
Episode 17 - "Woman On The Verge" - May 12, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW )
  • "Cities in the Dust" by Junkie XL.
  • "Off the Wall" by Cham Pain.
  • "Fight Song" by The Republic Tigers.
  • "Stay" by The Lisa Loeb.
  • "Hook and Line" by The Kills.
Episode 18 - "Much 'I Do' About Nothing" - May 19, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW )
  • "Beautiful World" by Carolina Liar.
  • "Do You Wanna" by The Kooks.
  • "Time To Pretend" by MGMT.
  • "The Ice Is Getting Thinner" by Death Cab For Cutie.


» Season 2

Episode 1 - "Summer Kind of Wonderful" - September 1, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Buzzin'" by Shwayze.
  • "Fell In Love Without You" by Motion City Soundtrack.
  • "Crazy" by Jem.
  • "Google Me" by Teyana Taylor.
  • "Papparazzi" by Lady Gaga.
Episode 2 - "Never Been Marcused" - September 8, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Boy In A Rock N' Roll..." by The Pierces.
  • "Tell Me A Lie" by The Fratellis.
  • "Cat Piano" by Seabear.
  • "Creator" by Santogold.
  • "New York I Love You..." by LCD Soundsystem.
Episode 3 - "The Dark Night" - September 15, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Lights Out" by Santogold.
  • "It's A Lot" by The 88.
  • "Like Knives" by The Fashion.
  • "I Can Feel A Hot One" by Manchester Orchestra.
  • "Closer" by Ne-Yo.
Episode 4 - "The Ex Files" - September 22, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "My Morning Tide" by The Little Ones.
  • "Good Day" by Nappy Roots.
  • "The Observer" by Chris Chavez.
  • "Buildings And Mountains" by The Republic Tigers.
  • "Electric Feel" by MGMT.
  • "Please Remain Calm" by Cloud Cult.
  • "Shove It" by Santogold.
Episode 5 - "The Serena Also Rises" - September 29, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Conor Oberst" by The NYC Gone Gone.
  • "The Republic Tigers" by Made Concrete.
  • "Lady Gaga" by Poker Face.
  • "Duke Spirit" by This Ship Was Built to Last.
  • "Nous Non Plus!" by Fille Atomique.
  • "Phantom Planet" by Raise the Dead.
Episode 6 - "New Haven Can Wait" - October 13, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "The Wake Up Song" by The Submarines.
  • "White Diamonds" by The Friendly Fires.
  • "Wooden Heart" by The Duke Spirit.
  • "Time Is Running Out" by The Section Quartet.
  • "Dragstrip Girl" by Jamie Blake.
Episode 7 - "Chuck in Real Life" - October 20, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Snowflakes" by White Apple Tree.
  • "Lies" by The Black Keys.
  • "City Nights" by Alain Whyte.
  • "NYC Streets" by Alain Whyte.
  • "Martini Lounge" by Alain Whyte.
  • "One Week of Danger" by The Virgins.
  • "Hard Times" by Mildred Anderson.
  • "Sea Out" by Guillemots.
Episode 8 - "Pret-A-Poor-J" - October 27, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Crash & Burn Girl" by Robyn.
  • "Partie Traumatic" by The Black Kids.
  • "With Light Therels Hope" by Princess One Point Five.
  • "Walking In The Streets" by Mad Staring Eyes.
  • "Robot Talk" by Alain Whyte.
  • "How Soon Is Now" by Tatu.
  • "Dark Is One Fire" by Turin Brakes.
Episode 9 - "There Might Be Blood" - November 3, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Robot Talk" by Alain Whyte.
  • "How Soon Is Now" by Tatu.
  • "Dark Is On Fire" by Turin Brakes.
  • "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" by Thurston Moore and Jemina Pearl.
  • "The Host's A Parasite" by The Henry Clay People.
  • "The Air Is All Around You, Baby" by Porterville.
  • "Somos Un Papel" by Kinky.
  • "At The Club" by Alain Whyte.
  • "The Moment's Over" by Death Ray.
  • "No New Tales To Tell" by Love an Rockets.
Episode 10 - "Bonfire of the Vanity" - November 10, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Let You Down" by Alain Whyte.
  • "Sex On Fire" by Kings Of Leon.
  • "Wake Up There's A..." by Doug Burr.
  • "Closer" by Kings Of Leon.
  • "Echo" by Cyndi Lauper.
  • "Be Somebody" by Kings Of Leon.
  • "Manhattan" by Alain Whyte.
  • "What Is A Life" by Youth Group.
  • "Shooting War" by We Know Plato.
Episode 11 - "The Magnificent Archibalds" - November 17, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "My Only Offer" by Mates of State.
  • "Bad Man's World" by Jenny Lewis.
  • "Ice Cream Shout Version" by Sound of Arrows.
  • "I'm A Slave For You" by Britney Spears.
  • "Reasons to Sing" by The Crash.
Episode 12 - "It's A Wonderful Lie" - December 1, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Lady jesus" by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
  • "Sexual Riot" by The Metros.
  • "Steady" by Alain Whyte.
  • "The Sun Ain't Shining..." by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
  • "Breakdown" by Dearheart.
  • "I Had To Turn Out All..." by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
  • "Hero" by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
Episode 13 - "Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?" - December 8, 2008 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Signs" by Bloc Party.
  • "The Mourning Son" by Xu Xu Fang.
  • "Everytime" by Lincoln Hawk.
  • "Biko" by Bloc Party.
  • "These Days" by Xu Xu Fang.
  • "Slow Show" by The National.
Episode 14 - "In the Realm of the Basses" - January 5, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "No One Does It Like You" by Department of Eagles.
  • "Who's Crying" by The Temporary Thing.
  • "Like A Spoke on a Wheel" by The Little Ones.
  • "Scarlet" by Magic Bullets.
  • "I'm Not Cool" by Sohodolls.
  • "Mayday" by Unkle feat. The Duke Spirit.
  • "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns.
  • "My Crown" by The Sugar Migration.
  • "E.S.T." by White Lies.
Episode 15 - "Gone with the Will" - January 12, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Mirror Error" by The Faint.
  • "No, You Girls Never Know" by Franz Ferdinand.
  • "Watchmen, What's Left..." by Greycoats.
  • "If You Could See Me Now" by Dan Crey Trio.
Episode 16 - "You've Got Yale" - January 19, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Mexican Dogs" by Cold War Kids.
  • "Against Privacy" by Cold War Kids.
  • "The Double" by We Fell To Earth.
Episode 17 - "Carnal Knowledge" - February 2, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "A New Day" by Will.I.Am.
  • "Evil In" by AN.
  • "Mission Control" by Dandy Warhols.
  • "Coming Home Again" by Needers & Givers.
  • "Kiss Me Again" by Jessica Lee Mayfield.
  • "Cut From Your Existence" by Brighton, MA.
  • "With A Heavy Heart" by Doss It Offend You, Yeah?
Episode 18 - "The Age of Dissonance" - March 16, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Hong Kong Garden" by Siouxsie & The Banshees.
  • "North London Trash" by Razorlight.
  • "Kiss Me at the Gate" by The New Monarchs.
Episode 19 - "The Grandfather" - March 23, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Be Alright" by Vienne.
  • "Kids" by MGMT.
  • "Band-Air for a Fracture" by One Silver Astronaut.
  • "I Can Make You Feel It" by Home Video.
Episode 20 - "The Remains of the J" - March 30, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Baby Boombox" by The Handcuffs.
  • "Gone away" by Sorta.
  • "Money Honey" by Lady Gaga.
  • "The Tricky Part" by Two Hours Traffic.
  • "Dance Till Dawn" by Hearts Revolution.
  • "Hit Form The (Radio Edit)" by Mongrel.
  • "Lights Off" by The Dears.
Episode 21 - "Seder Anything" - April 20, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Graffitti Eyes" by Stellastarr.
  • "Is You Is Or Is You...(Remix)" by Dinah Washington.
  • "Whatever Lola Wants (Remix)" by Sarah Vaughan and Gotan Project.
  • "Right Round" by Flo Rida.
  • "Runaway" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Episode 22 - "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" - April 27, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Some How" by Downsyde.
  • "Waters Of March" by Anya Marina.
  • "Is this Sound Ok?" by Coconut Records.
  • "Your Way" by Xu Xu Fang.
  • "URA Fever" by The Kills.
Episode 23 - "The Wrath of Con" - May 4, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" by Say Hi.
  • "Heart's a Mess" by Gotye.
Episode 24 - "Valley Girls" - May 11, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "Destination Unknown" by Missing Persons.
  • "I want a New Drug" by Huey Lewis & The News.
  • "Mirror In the Bathroom" by The English Beat.
  • "I Melt With You" by Modern English.
  • "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol.
  • "Stand qnd Deliver" by No Doubt.
  • "52 Girls" by B-52's.
  • "I Hate the Rich" by The Dills.
  • "Blue Monday" by New Order.
  • "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats.
Episode 25 - "The Goodbye Gossip Girl" - May 18, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "The Future Is Where" by The Hotpipes.
  • "The Stars Just Blink for Us" by Say Hi.
  • "Season of Love" by Shiny Top Guns.
  • "I just Wanna Be Free Man" by The Handcuffs.
  • "Zero" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • "November Was White..." by Say Hi.
  • "The Summer" by Coconut Records.


» Season 3

Episode 1 - "Reversals of Fortune" - September 14, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
  • "No Sex For Ben" by The Rapture.
  • "Something We're Becoming" by Time Machine.
  • "Plastic Jungle" by Mike Snow.
  • "Don't Slow DOwn" by Matt & Kim.
  • "Oh! Forever" by Brakes.
Episode 2 - "The Freshmen" - September 21, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Embers" by Just Jack.
"Problems with Authority" by Names in Vain.
"What Do You Know About Jesus?" by Cast.
"Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship (feat. Leighton Meester).
"1901" by Phoenix.
This text will be replaced
"Hot Mess" by Cobra Starship.
Episode 3 - "The Lost Boy" - September 28, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Check The Score" by The World Record.
"Weld at the Seams" by The Broken Remotes.
"Ready for the Floor" by Lissy Trullie.
"Animal" by Miike Snow.
"Animal" by Miike Snow (Mark Ronson remix).
Episode 4 - "Dan de Fleurette" - October 5, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Black Champagne" by The Starlight Mints.
"Perfect in My Mind" by Magic Bullets.
"Summer Job" by Art Brut.
"I get Down" by All Wrong And The Plans Change.
"Staying is Hard" by Almost Charlie.
"Dance Like Michael Jackson" by Far East Movement.
"Moth's Wings" by Passion Pit.
Episode 5 - "Rufus Getting Married" - October 12, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Lessons Learned" by Matt & Kim.
"Antenna" by Sonic Youth.
"Lisztomania" by Phoenix.
"Lost in City Lights" by The New Cities.
"Star Power" by Sonic Youth.
Episode 6 - "Enough About Eve" - October 19, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Achin' to Be" by The Replacements.
"Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
"I'm in Love with Your Rock 'n' Roll" by Kish Mauve.
"We're All the Same" by Meeting Places.
"Wings Undone" by Meeting Places.
"Strangers" by Dirty Secrets.
"Unfinished Business" by White Lies.
"The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix)" by Astrudo Gilberto.
Episode 7 - "How To Succeed in Bassness" - October 26, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Stricly Game" by Harlem Shakes.
"I Saw You Walk In" by Scotland Yard Gospel Choir.
"In Transit (Revisited)" by Albert Hammond Jr..
"Show Stopper" by Peaches.
"Freshman" by Hollywood Holt.
"Nike Town" by Son of Dave.
"People C'mon" by Delta Spirit.
Episode 8 - "The Grandfather: Part II" - November 2, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"I Could Rob You" by The Plasticines.
"Cyclone" by Quitzow.
"Damn You Hollywood" by Fred.
"The Nerve (Dance Remix)" by The Republic Tigers.
"Hollywood (Clean)" by Hollywood Holt.
"Two Left Feet" by Anya Marina.
"Take You Out" by Estate.
"Everything is Shattering" by Maps.
"I See You" by Mika.
Episode 9 - "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" - November 9, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Bitch" by Plastiscines.
"I Am Down" by Plastiscines.
"Questions & Panthers" by One for the Team.
"Saga" by Basement Jaxx (feat. Santogold).
"Somebody to Love (feat. Robin Thicke)" by Leighton Meester.
"Whatever You Like" by Anya Marina.
"Bows & Arrows" by Immoor.
"Underneath My Skin" by Stella Project.
"Ready to Freak" by Stella Project.
"Play to Win" by Classic.
Episode 10 - "The Last Days of Disco Stick" - November 16, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Boys and Girls" by Thecockandbullkid.
"Dance in the Dark" by Lady Gaga.
"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga.
"Telephone (featuring Beyonce)" by Lady Gaga.
"Fillin' in the Space" by Needers & Givers.
"It's Natural to Me" by Magic Bullets.
"Bombay" by Magic Bullets.
"Over & Out" by Estate.
"Lies for the Truth" by Jason Diaz.
Episode 11 - "Treasure of Serena Madre" - November 30, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"White Sky" by Vampire Weekend.
"Last Dance" by The Raveonettes.
"Cool Yourself" by Thao.
"Whatcha Say" by Jason Derulo (feat. Imogen Heap).
"The Only Exception" by Paramore.
Episode 12 - "The Debarted" - December 8, 2009 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Suicide" by The Raveonettes.
"Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z (featuring Alicia Keys).
"Click Click Click" by The Rosebuds.
"Slient Night" by Nico Stai.
"Right Where They Left" by White Rabbits.
"Too Late" by M83.
Episode 13 - "The Hurt Locket" - March 8, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Janglin" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
"Go Away" by The Breakups
"At War With The Sun" by The Big Pink
"Spirit Horse" by Seawolf
"Crystalized" by The XX
"Map of the World" by Monsters of Folk
"Wild Wolves" by Athlete
Episode 14 - "The Lady Vanished" - March 15, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Left and Right in the Dark" by Julian Casablancas
"She's on the Move" by Far East Movement
"Out of the Blue" by Julian Casablancas
"Ludlow" by Julian Casablancas
"11th Dimension" by Julian Casablancas
"Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + The Machine
"Secrets" by One Republic
Episode 15 - "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin" - March 22, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Rockstar 101" by Rihanna feat. Slash
"So Light is Her Football" by Air
"I've Had The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
"Good Life" by One Republic
"I Party (DJ Wool Remix)" by Fast Movement
"Trampled Youth" by Kid A
"Gospel" by The National
Episode 16 - "The Empire Strikes Jack" - March 29, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Run" by Vampire Weekend.
"Try to Find" by Danica.
"Between Two Lungs" by Florence + the Machine.
"Not Exactly" by Deadmau5.
"Hi Fiend" by Deadmau5.
"FML" by Deadmau5.
"I Remember" by Deadmau5 & Kaskade.
"Go Hand or Go Home" by Megha Man.
"Hollywood" by Hollywood Holt.
"Animal" by Far East Movement.
"Falling Down" by Scarlett Johansson.
Episode 17 - "Inglourious Bassterds" - April 5, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Everything, Everyday, Everywhere" by Fabolous featuring Keri Hilson.
"Pop the Glock" by Uffie.
"Heart" by Bertie Blackman.
"Bored" by The Shoes.
"Caked Up" by Hot Pink Delorean featuring Hollywood Holt.
"Brains!" by Hollywood Holt.
"This World" by The Scoltland Yard Gospel Choir.
"Make Believe" by The Bumed.
Episode 18 - "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" - April 12, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Midnighter" by The Champs.
"Full Moon Kiss" by Santina.
"The Sound" by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.
"Rocking Horse" by The Dead Weather.
"Your Love Is A Drug" by Leighton Meester.
"Velvet" by The Big Pink.
Episode 19 - "Dr. Estrangeloved" - April 26, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Two Weeks" by Grizzly Bear.
"Lost Faith" by Telegraph Canyon.
"Put Your Hands Up" by Two Hours Traffic.
"Dim The Lights" by The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band.
"No One Just Is" by Holly Miranda.
"Slang Tang" by Discovery.
"Been This Way Too Long" by Wait Think Fast.
"Sleep Tight" by Monsters are Waiting.
"Percussion Gun" by White Rabbits.
Episode 20 - "It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World" - May 3, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Salvation" by Scanners.
"Animal" by Neon Trees.
"Forever Young" by Last Gang.
"Let's See It" by We Are Scientists.
"Audience" by Cold War Kids.
Episode 21 - "Ex-Husbands and Wives" - May 10, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Paradise Circus (Cui Borratto Remix)" by Massive Attack.
"Beach House" by Zebra.
"Paradise Circus" by Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval.
"Mr. Workabee" by Pricilla Renea.
Episode 22 - "Last Tango, Then Paris" - May 17, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
"Dead Man's Party" by Lights On.
"Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" by Eastern Conference Champions.
"Teenage Lust" by Oliver North Boy Choir.
"The Funeral" by Serena Ryder & The Beauties.
"Under Pressure" by Crooked Fingers.
"You've Really Got a Hold on Me" by Thao.


» Season 4

Episode 1 - "Belles de Jour" - September 13, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbum
"Decalquee"AustineOuh la la La
"Get To Me"Hannah Brown
"I Can't Hear You"The Dead WeatherSea of Cowards
"I Know What I Am"Band of SkullsBaby Darling Doll Face Honey
"L'Heure Avait Sonné"Joyce Jonathan
"Petite Pute"AustineOuh la la La
"Teenage Dream"Katy PerryTeenage Dream
"The Sky's The Limit"Jason DeruloJason Derulo
"Until It's Gone"Grand AtlanticThis is Grand Atlantic
Episode 2 - "Double Identity" - September 20, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbum
"Beat The Devil's Tattoo"Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club
"Done Believing"The Broken Remotes
"Gone Champ"Tokyo Police ClubChamp
"I'm In Here"SiaWe Are Born
"Je Ne Te Connais Pas"PrototypesPrototypes
"Je T'aime…Moi Non Plus"Serge GainsbourgMonsieur Gainsbourg Originals
"Last Flight of the Bat"GoodbyemotelGoodbyemotel
"The Ghost In The Machine"B.o.B.B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
"Trapped In The Canyon"The Broken Remotes
"9669"The Joy FormidableA Balloon Called Moaning
Episode 3 - "The Undergraduates" - September 27, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbum
"Gone Away"Sorta
"Horror Story"Miss Eighty 6
"Keep Quiet"Hot ChipOne Life Stand
"Oh Cherie"New Young Pony ClubThe Optimist
"On The Run"The Lost PatrolMidnight Matinee
"One Life Stand"Hot ChipOne Life Stand
"One Night Only"Miss Mercury
"Tighten Up"The Black KeysBrothers
"Turn it Up"Alana D
Episode 4 - "Touch of Eva" - October 4, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbum
"Afraid of Everyone"The NationalHigh Violet
"All Talk"Two Hours Traffic
"Lost A Girl"New Young Pony ClubLost A Girl
"No Ecstasy"Miss Mercury
"Rill Rill"Sleigh BellsTreats
"Troubles I Can Do Without"Francisco The Man
Episode 5 - "Goodbye, Columbia" - October 11, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Bambi"Tokyo Police ClubChamp
"Found in a Magazine"The Broken Remotes
"Jump in the Fire"Mikey Jukebox
"Like a G6"Far East MovementFree Wired
"Never Get Enough"Das Pop
"Power"Kanye West
Episode 6 - "Easy J" - October 25, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Cutting Roat A New One"Henry Mancini
"Je N'Suis Rien"Benoit Mansion
"L'Amour De Matin"Benoit Mansion
"Love The Way You Lie"Eminem Feat. RihannaRecovery
This text will be replaced
"None of Dem"Robyn Feat. RoyskoppBody Talk Pt. 1
This text will be replaced
"Rebulu"Jesus Alejenadro El Nino Cafecito Cubano
"She's Long Gone"The Black Keys Brothers
This text will be replaced
"That I Could See"Francisco The Man
"World's End"Shapes of Race CarsBeauty Beat
This text will be replaced
Episode 7 - "War at the Roses" - November 1, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Dancing On My Own"RobynBody Talk Pt. 1
This text will be replaced
"Hang With Me (Acoustic Version)"RobynBody Talk Pt. 1
This text will be replaced
"New Day"Teenagers in TokyoSacrifice
This text will be replaced
"Only Girl (In The World)"Rihanna
This text will be replaced
"Stand By Your Man"Tammy WynetteTammy Wynette: 16 Biggest Hits
This text will be replaced
Episode 8 - "The Witches of Bushwick" - November 8, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"As Far As I Can See"The 88The 88
"Blue Moon"Kendal Johansson
"Down By The Water"The DrumsThe Drums
"Kick You To The Curb"Pony UpPony Up!
Episode 9 - "The Witches of Bushwick" - November 15, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"An Old Photo of Your New Lover"The One AM Radio
"Devils"Say Hi
"Fast Enough"Infernal Devices
"Hot Sahara"Fans of Jimmy Century
"I Saw The Light"SpoonTransference
"Lightning"Birds & Batteries
"Make Me Wanna Die"The Pretty RecklessThe Pretty Reckless EP
"We Live Underground"Lights OnHere Comes The Ocean
Episode 10 - "Gaslit" - November 29, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Down Underground"The LimiñanasThe Limiñanas
This text will be replaced
"Made For Us"Mackintosh BraunWhere We Are
This text will be replaced
"Space Bound"EminemRecovery
This text will be replaced
"Through The Dark"Alexi Murdoch
This text will be replaced
"Towards The Sun"Alexi MurdochAway We Go
This text will be replaced
Episode 11 - "The Townie" - December 6, 2010 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"AM/FM Sound"Matt & KimSidewalks
This text will be replaced
"Architect"Twilight Sleep
This text will be replaced
"Coming Home (Feat. Skylar Grey)"Diddy - Dirty moneyLast Train To Paris
This text will be replaced
"ACrank That (Soulja Boy)"Soulja BoyCrank That (Soulja Boy) / Let Me Get Em
This text will be replaced
"Just a Dream"Nelly5.0
This text will be replaced
"Oh, It's Christmas"The Rosebuds
This text will be replaced
"State of Our Affairs"Mt. DesolationMt. Desolation
This text will be replaced
Episode 12 - "The Kids Are Not All Right" - January 24, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Bang Bang Bang"Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.Record Collection
"Elephants"WarpaintExquisite Corpse - EP
"For All Your Sins"The DigElectric Toys
"Ghosts"The Hundred In The HandsThis Desert - EP
Episode 13 - "Damien Darko" - January 31, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Beat of My Own Song"MemeMeme
"Changes"StarsThe Five Ghosts & The Seance
"Fire in Your New Shoes"Kaskade feat Martina of DragonetteDynasty
"Let Go"EverestOn Approach
"Lions in Cages"Wolf Gang
"Monokini"Nous Non PlusNous Non Plus
Episode 14 - "Panic Roommate" - Febraury 7, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Celestica"Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles II
"Cosmic Love"Florence + The MachineLungs
"Not The Only One"Quitzow
"Young Blood"The Naked and FamousYoung Blood
"Yours"Dan BlackUN
Episode 15 - "It-Girl Happened One Night" - Febraury 14, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"At Your Door"Alexi Murdoch
"Beginner's Falafel"Flying LotusLos Angeles
"Meyrin Fields"Broken BellsThe Ghost Inside / Meyrin Fields [Digital 45]
"U + Me="Dan BlackUN
"We Turn It Up"Oh LandOh Land - EP
"You"WagesIn Sun - EP
Episode 16 - "While You Weren't Sleeping" - Febraury 21, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Sunshine (feat. MIA)"Rye Rye
"he Phoenix Alive"MonarchyKitsune Maison Compilation 9
"The Thanks I Get"Erik HasslePieces
"Tik Tok"KeshaAnimal
"Wires"Matt & Kim Sidewalks
Episode 17 - "Empire of the Son" - Febraury 28, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Blister In The Sun"Nouvelle Vague3
"Can't Stop Thinking"BuvaNot Scary! Friendly
"Catastrophe"Nous Non PlusMenagerie
"Don't Wait"The Duke SpiritDon't Wait - Single
"Humanised feat. Bajka"Sola Rosa
"Les Sauvages"Les Sans CulottesFaux Realism
"Somebody Else"The Vaccines
"Where You're Coming From"Matt & KimSidewalks
Episode 18 - "The Kids Stay In The Picture " - April 18, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Del Ray"Sola RosaComing Home
This text will be replaced
"King Of Hush"Sola RosaSolarized
This text will be replaced
"Leave The City"The Shapes
"Nuni's Theme"The Mercies
"Prayer"Electric SunsetElectric Sunset
This text will be replaced
"Self Machine"I Blame Coco
This text will be replaced
"The Deep End"Hurricane BellsDown Comes The Rain
This text will be replaced
"The Sun"The Naked & FamousPassive Me Aggresive You
This text will be replaced
Episode 19 - "Petty in Pink" - April 25, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Gold Into Lead"Two Hours Traffic
"Hands"Ting Tings
This text will be replaced
"If You Wanna"The Vaccines
This text will be replaced
"Kiss Kiss Kiss"Danica
"Safety Dance"The Asteroids Galaxy TourThe Golden Age - EP
"We Are Stars"The PiercesLove You More - E
This text will be replaced
"White Nights"Oh LandOh Land
This text will be replaced
Episode 20 - "The Princesses and the Frog" - May 2, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Aeroplane"Stella ProjectXoxo
"Cross"Sam Jaffe
"Drown"Les Bellas
"Fly"Nicki Minaj feat. RihannaPink Friday
"Ladder Song"Bright EyesThe People's Key
"Lonely Key"Michael Mazochi
"Wolf & I"Oh LandOh Land
Episode 21 - "Shattered Bass" - May 9, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Heart Is A Beating Drum"The KillsBlood Pressures
This text will be replaced
"Mon Amour"Squeak E. Clean
"One in the World"Tapes 'n TapesOutside
This text will be replaced
"Sensitive Kid"Cold War KidsMine Is Yours
This text will be replaced
"State of I"Peanut Butter LovesicleHeavy Daze Wildcat Craze - EP
This text will be replaced
"Youth Knows No Pain"Lykke LiWounded Rhymes
This text will be replaced
Episode 22 - "The Wrong Goodbye" - May 16, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"All For A Woman"The Airborne Toxic EventAll At Once
"Changing"The Airborne Toxic EventAll At Once
"Cherry Tree"The Duke Spirit
"In Safe Hands"Badly Drawn BoyIt's What I'm Thinking, Pt. 1: Photographing Snowflakes
"Perfection"Oh LandOh Land
"Rolling in the Deep"Adele21
"Space + Time"The Pierces
"The Great Unknown"FigurinesFigurines


» Season 5

Episode 1 - "Yes, Then Zero" - September 26, 2011 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"Bad Karma"Ida MariaKatla
"Circles"The Exiles
"Headin' Inside"Surf CitySurf City - EP
"Houdini"Foster The PeopleTorches
"Kill Me"Make The Girl Dance Kill Me - EP
"Lemon Peel"Snowden
"My Pet Snakes"Jenny & JohnnyI'm Having Fun Now
"Saved"Becca Styles feat. Classic
"Shuffle A Dream"Little DragonRitual Union
"The Free World AML"The Uglysuit
"The Future Will Destroy You"Viva VoceThe Future Will Destroy You
Episode 2 - "Yes, Then Zero" - February 27, 2012 (MUSIC REVIEW)
Song TitleArtistAlbumPlay
"A Little Bit of Me"The WoodenelvesTrips Between Worlds
"Black Eyed Blues"Peanut Butter Lovesicle
"Check The Score"The World Record
"I Am Better Than You"HotpipesFuture Bolt
"Looking Down"All Wrong And The Plans Change
"Pumped Up Kicks"Foster the PeopleTorches
"Safe On The Outside"Telegraph CanyonThe Tide and the Current
"Without You"Rainbow Arabia Boys and Diamonds

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